Testimonial by U Soe Myint – Message from the Headmaster

My name is U Soe Myint and I retired in 2013. I have a Degree in Bachelor of Education . I am a volunteer in Monastery Education for the last 2 years where I teach undergraduate  teachers in teaching methodology. After that I opened a private learning institution in my home.  One day I met with Jow Jow (owner of the land), who asked me to become the Head Master for RTMEF. I then met with Nigel Martin to discuss and provide education for the poorest children in my area of Amurapura.  I agreed to work for the ‘Light of Education Primary School’ to help the poor children.

I appreciate Nigel’s project to provide education for the poorest children and I am enjoying this role as Head Master. After 3 months we organized a local committee to oversee the running of the school and discuss and gain approvals to open the school. I decided to organize an Open day to announce to the parents and local officials the plans and strategies for the future.

I have been a dedicated teacher all my life and saw this as a way of furthering my commitment to educating children. I selected 2 teachers to provide the education based not only on their qualifications but their commitment to care for the children.

Our Committee traveled to Naypyitow, the capital of Myanmar to meet with the Minister of Education to gain approval from the Federal Government.  We have since gained the official approvals necessary to run this private school and gain NGO status recognized by the federal Government of Myanmar.

I urge all Australians to support our school into the future to provide a quality education and bring hope to these poor children and their families. I will remain as the Head Master to progress the aims and goals of the school and will do all I can to achieve the goals of The Road To Mandalay Education foundation.

Yours sincerely

U Soe Myint

Head Master

Testimonial by Sushma Lama

“I met Nigel when my father Bhim Lama, was his guide on a trek into the Himalayan mountains from Kathmandu, Nepal. I was only 5 years old when he visited our home seeing our financial crisis he decided to help my dad for my education because of which I was able to attend a good school from where the actual journey of my life started which has drastically changed my life forever.

As he decided to help me out in my academics, my dad admitted me into one of the reputed boarding high schools which was the first English boarding high school of Kathmandu where I studied up to year 8.

I completed my school leaving certificate in 2009 with a 70.13% average. During my academic sessions Nigel always helped me and my family financially.

I always used to think that what if Uncle Nigel was not there with me? What would my life be?

Will I be able to mould myself into what I am today? I am so glad and happy to have him in my life. I feel myself so lucky that he was always there to sort out my problems whether it was a financial problem or mental pressure that I got with my daily hectic schedule. No matter where he was, he was always there to push me for my study.

After SLC I gained admission to St. Lawrence College where I choose Science stream and passed my proficiency level in 2011 with 74.5%.

After much thought and discussion I choose a Nursing Stream for my Degree and finally decided to go to Bangalore India and joined Vydehi Institute of Nursing Science where I stayed for four years away from home and my parents. It took one year to adjust in such a new environment as College used to give lots of pressure and piles of assignments which was really difficult to complete in a specified date. I never enjoyed the food they used to give us and I used to get homesick a lot, used to cry at night and had sleepless nights. But I consoled myself that no matter what I have to study I have to complete my degree with good grades. I accomplished my degree in the year 2015 with 74.75%.

With all my achievements I came back to Nepal and completed Nursing Registration Exam. Now I am a professional Nurse. My Mum, Dad and Nigel are so proud of me. And now I am in a search of a good job placement in Nepal and also thinking of doing Masters’ Degree abroad most probably in Australia if possible.

I am always grateful for what Uncle Nigel has done for me. I have appreciated the help and support he has showered on me since I was a child. His presence indeed has made a huge difference in my life. I am always thankful towards what he has done for me.”

Sushma Lama 2017

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