Why myanmar

Why Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly Burma is the only major country left in Asia that has not been transformed into a modern western capitalist nation. There are no McDonald’s or the usual global franchises that turn a once paradise into a paradise lost.

The recent political history consisted of British occupation over 100 years from 1822, followed by the Japanese. After Independence in 1947 and the assassination of Aung San, the father of Burmese independence, the people suffered for the next 68 years, oppression, poverty and civil war.

The people are 90% Buddhist, very friendly and Myanmar is ranked by ‘Lonely Planet’ as one of the safest destinations to visit. The country has a rich history from the thousands of magnificent Buddhist temples, charming mountain towns, the amazing Irrawaddy River and pristine beaches.

The minimum wage is $2.80US a day, for an 8 hour day.

Only 26% of children get any form of education. Education is not free which condemns millions to a life of poverty and no hope of an improved life.

With education, children can learn how to read, write, count, speak english and use computers.With education they can double their daily wage and can gain employment in a shop, office or in tourism.

Children without education in Myanmar will end up begging, collecting recycling, and working in manual labour. They will be doing things like breaking up rocks for cement and loading trucks and boats – for $2 a day.

These long suffering wonderful people need your help! Education changes lives and breaks the cycle of disadvantage.

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Our foundation provides education to the poorest children Mandalay in one the most impoverished countries, Myanmar. With education children can go on to earn double their daily wage, which breaks the cycle of poverty.

You can give children hope for the future.

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