Why support us

Why support us

Myanmar’s children are stuck in a cycle of poverty and disadvantage. They desperately require education.

Children without education in Myanmar will end up begging, collecting recycling, and working in manual labour. They will be doing things like breaking up rocks for cement and loading trucks and boats – for $2 a day.

With education, children can learn how to read, write, count, speak English and use computers. With education they can double their daily wage and can gain employment in a shop, office or in tourism.

We have built a school in Mandalay, Myanmar. It is called the ‘Light of Education’ school, as it gives skills to the poorest children, and hope for a brighter future. We aim to provide a scholarship to each child.

 Children will be taught English and teachers will facilitate and monitor email communications with donors and sponsors to build a bond of trust and friendship. The Australian team will also monitor these communications closely to ensure safety for the children.

Join us in this journey that will bring reward for everyone involved.

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